Where your money goes

It is important to us that we make the best possible use of the funds we receive.  Find out more about what we achieve with our income.

We distribute funding to local partner organisations in the countries where we work. Our partnership agreements are based on high levels of accountability and transparency. Through both programme and grant management, we monitor closely how money is spent and accounted for.

Download our annual report for more information on our income and expenditure.


Why our approach is value for money

  1. We focus on carers. These family members support not only the vulnerable cared-for individual but also the rest of the family. They promote emotional, mental, physical and economic well-being. Improving the quality of life of the carer improves the quality of care they are able to give and builds household resilience.
  2. Our projects are targeted. We focus on a small number of countries in one geographical region and work with specific partner organisations. That means we can work with groups of partners during a single visit.
  3. Our approach is low cost and replicable. A small step up can result in a giant leap forwards for carers, families and communities.
  4. We do not work in isolation. We maximize our impact by using lessons on what works in our projects to influence the work of others, such as national and international NGOs, governments and donors.
  5. Evidence-based approaches are at the heart of what we do. We have robust systems for gathering baseline and impact data about carers’ lives and support our partners to do the same.