Carers Worldwide is the only organisation working exclusively and strategically with unpaid family carers in the developing world.

Carers Worldwide was established in 2012, after a period of consultation across India and South Africa with family carers, their cared-for relatives and families. During the consultation process, we also worked with organisations that support people living with a disability, mental ill-health, chronic or life limiting medical conditions, HIV/AIDS and old age.

history-1Common themes emerged around carer isolation, social and economic exclusion, carer ill-health and lack of recognition for the vital role played by unpaid family carers. These issues were confirmed by other local, national and international NGOs, as well as national government agencies. For more information, read our Consultation Report.

The result of our consultation process led to the development of the Carers Worldwide model and our work has grown in scope and impact since then.

In 2014, we became members of the International Alliance of Carer Organisations. We are proud to represent the voice of family carers from the low and middle income countries where we work.

Despite our short history, we are already changing perceptions and practice in relation to the needs of carers living in the developing world.

This work is mandatory for us now. We have changed our whole approach. Now, we work with the carers first, strengthen them and then turn our efforts to the affected person.
Asst Director of Disability Programmes, SAMUHA