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Our Strategic Plan 2023-25

At Carers Worldwide every action we take is dedicated to achieving our vision, mission and strategic goals.
We set strategic objectives every three years to ensure that our work remains focussed and responsive.
2023 - 2025

Strategic Objectives

  • To increase the reach and impact of the Carers Worldwide model, thereby achieving greater inclusion of family carers in low and middle income countries by:

    • empowering existing partners to mainstream and advocate for carers and to demonstrate the benefits of doing so
    • establishing new partnerships with carefully selected organisations based in low and middle income countries who are well placed to deliver the Carers Worldwide model.
  • To achieve recognition of family carers at governmental and inter-governmental level by:

    • building national and regional alliances that will advocate for long term policy change.
  • To enable national and international NGOs and government agencies to support family carers in their respective spheres of influence by:

    • developing and delivering a high quality, bespoke training service focussing on topics relating to carers and caring.
  • To promote carer friendly workplaces and raise awareness of family carers in the workplace by:

    • developing and delivering a consultancy service to the corporate sector.
  • To inform future policy and practice by:

    • building up a body of evidence on family carers and the interventions that support them in their caring roles.
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Our Vision is a world in which every carer is valued and their needs are met.


Our Mission is to achieve recognition of the role of carers and to transform the lives of carers, their families and their communities.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goal is to act as a catalyst to:

  • Change attitudes and promote support for carers, their families and communities, empowering them towards better health, wellbeing and economic security
  • Inspire systemic change in the government, private and third sectors so they recognise and respond to the needs of carers
2023 – 2025

Desired Outcomes

We will have empowered 30 locally led partners based in low and middle income countries to raise awareness and achieve recognition of the needs of unpaid family carers in their respective regions and embedded in local communities the skills required to meet those needs.

We will have increased the range of carer groups with whom we work, specifically young carers, carers of the elderly, carers of people living with dementia, carers of people with cancer, carers of people with non-communicable diseases

We will have improved the lives of 150,000 carers and 450,000 family members across South Asia and initiated partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa.

We will have promoted three national and one regional carer alliances across South Asia resulting in policy level change for family carers being on the agenda of governmental and inter-governmental agencies across the region.

We will have brought about specific changes in the policies of the state and national governments where we are working which will promote inclusion and support of family carers

We will have promoted carer-friendly workplaces through targeted engagement with the corporate sector.