An exceptional partnership built from a shared vision and a big idea

As part of the 30 Days for Carers Campaign, we are delighted to showcase some of the amazing partnerships that make our work possible.


Our relationship with The Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT) started in 2011 and has been invaluable to us. Under its Early Stage Ventures programme, ACT is helping us to build our capacity and ultimately work towards scaling up our efforts to support more family carers in more developing countries.


The inaugural investor in our work, ACT partnerships are born from a balanced foundation of financial investment, long-term commitment and governance support.  This innovative style enables us to take calculated risks and plan ahead with strategic vision as an organisation, ultimately enabling us to embed a culture of sustainability as our overseas programmes grow.


“Carers Worldwide is critical in highlighting the vital role played by family carers.  We believe that the efforts to advocate for their inclusion in mainstream development programmes, at the same time as developing carer-specific services, offers the most fitting and sustainable solution” says Siân Edwards, ACT Director.


ACT looks for organisations built around a big idea: an idea that has the potential to make real changes to the lives of poor and vulnerable people. 


It was from this perspective that Carers Worldwide Founder Anil Patil demonstrated that the Carers Worldwide development model acts ‘like a drop of ink in a bucket full of water’ highlighting that our commitment to sustainability facilitates widespread change through small-scale interventions that build capacity and mobilise the community of carers to ultimately help themselves.


“We believe that the best innovations are simple and we know that the Carers Worldwide model is uncomplicated, flexible and scalable, which is a key in our decision to partner with an organisation” Siân says.


The extensive research carried out by Carers Worldwide shows that long-term care for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities presents an urgent challenge around the world.  However, like many small organisations with big ideas, capacity challenges were in the beginning – and will always be – carefully considered in deploying our efforts to respond.


The fact that Carers Worldwide met the stringent criteria required to partner with ACT gave us the boost we needed during the embryonic phase of our development as an organisation.


“With the support of ACT, we can more readily scale up our efforts and reach a point of sustainability” says Anil Patil, Founder and Executive Director of Carers Worldwide.


“The burden placed on unpaid family carers is immense and has a direct impact on their physical health, mental and emotional well-being and economic security. However, we must take a strategic and measured approach to our operational activities.  The support that we receive from ACT helps us to be considered in our approach” he said.


With such a progressive partnership approach, it is unsurprising that ACT recognises that unrestricted funding is the most useful to an organisation, which also delivers the most leverage for them as a funding organisation.


For Carers Worldwide, this means that we have been able to use the funding to invest in areas of our work that other funders choose not to support – including staff salaries and capacity building efforts.  Additional to this, ACT trustees are represented on our governance board, which helps us to work together to maintain optimum levels of organisational governance, strategy and accountability.


“If we don’t think they know how to use the money better than we do, we shouldn’t give them any” says Siân with a knowing smile.


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