An opportunity for thanks to supporters and friends!

As we are nearing the end of the 30 Days of Action for Carers campaign, we have been reflecting on the Carers Worldwide journey so far.


The campaign has seen us shine a spotlight on the devastating situation faced by so many carers and their families across the world – bringing together a stronger collective voice and growing our network of support.


Every year our generous supporters provide us with the funding and encouragement to keep on striving to achieve our goals.


We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you!


Our generous regular givers are the very lifeblood of our organisation. This unwavering support directly contributes to every success that we achieve.  Your ongoing commitment to our work has built our capacity and confidence, meaning that the ambitious vision we had is turning in to a goal that may one day be realised.


If you are interested in joining us as a donor or regular giver, please click here.


We extend huge thanks to all of the people that have taken part in challenge events in 2017, helping to change carers lives in developing countries that they will never meet.


When people take on a charity challenge it takes much more than strength and willpower.  It takes the commitment and determination to do something amazing for people less fortunate than themselves by truly immersing themselves in the issue of the cause that they choose to support.


We believe that this effort is truly inspirational! 


Along with your network of supporters, you have made a great change to the lives of so many carers and their families. This has not been possible without the expert insights of Sarah Ridley who has brought extensive charity challenge fundraising experience, along with all of our Board of Trustees, who have supported us to navigate the world of fundraising, events and governance.


We thank you!


We humbled by the collective effort from across our network, it has enabled us to plan ahead with some level of certainty since we were established in 2012.  Our new short film shows why this ongoing support is so vital.


Please share it with your friends, family and colleagues. And ‘thank you’ again!


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