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Since 2014, we have been working in Nepal to transform the lives of over 2,200 carers of people living with mental illness and epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. We have been privileged to work with highly respected and experienced organisations, forging strategic partnerships to create lasting change for carers and their families.


In the Kathmandu Valley, we work in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP) to promote the social, emotional, medical and economic wellbeing of carers, mostly mothers, of children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.


We recently spoke with CEO of SGCP Mr. Bimal Lal Shrestha about his role, experience of working with carers and their families, and his hopes for the future of our work together. This is what he told us: 


What specific role do you play in supporting carers? And what do you like best about this role?

Bimal: I am responsible for the overall coordination of the programme and support to staff and carers. I enjoy promoting new ideas and problem solving in the implementation of the programme.


Why do you think it important that carers receive the support that they need?

Bimal: Children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions depend on them and will have good care if carers have the capacity to care for them. When carers are not supported they feel helpless, they don’t know what to do about the situation they are in and can become depressed.


What changes do you see in carers lives when they have the support they need?

Bimal: They become empowered, confident and have a voice. Above all they look happy and can think positively about the future.


Tell us about a carer that stands out to you.  What was their life like before they joined the programme and how has it changed?

Bimal: One carer I recall was very lonely and isolated. She was desperate, but she didn’t even know what help she could ask for.  Now she demands the help she needs. This is great change in her life I can imagine.  


How did it make you feel to be part of that change and see that carers life change for the better? 

Bimal: I feel very happy that she can have her voice heard by service providers, her family and the community. She can now call for positive change in her community.


What is your hope for the future for the carers you support?

Bimal: I hope for carers to unite and greatly influence government policies for the betterment of carers and the people they care for.


Would you like to tell us anything else that you feel that you would like us to know?

Bimal: We now have so much evidence about the need for support for carers, but we are stretched in our resources to do more to help spread the word to a larger audience.


Through our work with SGCP, Bimal and his inspirational team we look forward to increasing our support to the carer community.


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