By signing our Carers Charter you are demonstrating your commitment to unpaid family carers and pledging to do what you can in your own sphere of influence to promote and support their rights. Please join us and #CommitToCarers.

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Sign our Carers Charter...

Find out more about Carers Day, when we launched the charter, and the impact we’ve had over our first 10 years.


Phillip Giuliano

United States

We are all Caregivers-God Bless-Phillip Giuliano-Orchard House Medical Adult Daycare Center.

Pranesh Bevinhalkar


Md. Moniruzzaman Monir


Greetings from Jhikargacha Development Organization (JDO) Address: Jhikargacha, Jashore, Bangladesh JDO would like to involve all activities of Carers Worldwide program. We are waiting for implementation of your project which will be benefit for the rural disabled people and their parents.

Anil Patil


I commit to doing all in my power to raise awareness and recognition of the vital role of family carers, by igniting the imagination of all stakeholders including corporates, service providers, and governments at every single opportunity.

Maria Andrews

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Human Rights for Carers. Carers need to have a protective characteristic so that their additional role is acknowledged.

Ian Yates

Oxfordshire, UK

We all have our part to play. And I am happy to play my part 100%!

Devaraje Gowda


Christine Edge

Wakefield, UK

Happy to sign up. At some point we may all find ourselves in the role of being a carer. It is important we work together to help carers thrive throughout their lives by promoting their wellbeing, their rights and their roles in society.


Lancashire, UK

Rob Aley


Thank you for the Charter and promoting the rights of carers.

Hassan Musa Yaro

Kano, Nigeria

I want to register on your network to benefit the platform for carers

Ramesh Vinnakota


Provide Care with all your Love while you can. Remember it all comes back when you need it someday. Three Cheers to all the Carers out there.

Alison Facey

Potters Bar, UK

Gautam Chaudhury


I will continue to raise awareness about carers and lobby for appropriate recognition and support from the Government – local, state and central.

Gayathri Subhash

Bengaluru, India

Carers definitely deserve recognition and better facilities

Michelle Gocoldas


I commit to doing what I can to help promote and support the rights of unpaid carers! 

Sarah Culverhouse


I pledge to raise awareness of the unseen work that unpaid family carers do each day, and to work on improving the lives for them and the people they care for.

Natesha NK

Tumkur in India

Carers service needs to be recognized and supported to improve their health and socioeconomic well being.

Sarah Ridley

Reading, England

I commit to the principles outlined in the Carers Charter and will do all that I can to promote its dissemination and implementation.

Ruth Patil


I commit to bring carers, their vital role and their commitment, to the attention of families, communities, service providers and governments at every opportunity.

Maveen Pereira

United Kingdom

Jonathan Freeman


A vital campaign to ensure that individuals with caring responsibilities are recognised and respected. I commit to doing all in my power to advocate for unpaid carers.



I commit to doing what I can to support the rights of unpaid carers

Suzanne Bourne

Hampshire, UK

We all have our part to play in all spheres of life.

Monira Rahman


I am signing the carers charter. Will you?

Dionne Williams


I pledge to continue to raise awareness of unpaid family carers, and their contribution not just to their own families, but to our society as a whole. Carers do and deserve support, to improve their physical, social and economic wellbeing.

Andy McGowan

United Kingdom

Ruth Stross


I pledge to support and promote the rights of unpaid carers in my work as a nurse and in my personal life

Stecy Yghemonos


Emilie Weight


Embracing Carers all together worldwide.

Bimal L Shrestha


We have great days ahead…

Prasad A


Caring, Concern and Committed to work for Carers empowerment.



In all the spheres of my work, be it research, training, therapeutic services, resource development and its dissemination, I pledge to do my best for the holistic wellbeing of the unpaid family carers. #CommittedToCarers


CDD – Savar – Dhaka- Bangladesh

Soon carers will be recognized as a country resource. World will see the smiley face of carers.

Geoffrey Duncan

United Kingdom

All support for carers.

Patricia Duncan


We will give support to carers.

Andrew Betts

Olney, UK

I will do my best to apply these commitments in my work with Advantage Africa, share them with my colleagues and encourage them to do the same.

Muralidhara S


Congratulations to Carers Worldwide team for their commitment and dedication towards carers.

Mallari Kulkarni

Bengaluru, India

Caregivers should be given opportunity to earn on special status in various Govt sponsored schemes/ Pvt corporates

Jane Betts


Mathew M V

We are interested to be part of CARERS Programme.

K N Sudeendra Kumar

Pavagada Karnataka India

It was great experience.

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