Carers Day Celebrations in Odisha

Three Carers Days were celebrated in the state of Odisha this month. Carers Days are a great way to increase awareness about carers and to recognise the amazing work that they do. Here is a recap of what happened on each of those days:


The first celebration was held on 5th August and was organised by NGO SPREAD. 200 carers attended which was an amazing turn out despite the heavy rain. A rally was held followed by speeches from many people including carers and government representatives. Fun activities also took place with carers showing off their Disma dance talents.


NGO Ekta organised the Carers Day which was held on 6th August and was attended by more than 200 carers, cared for individuals, significant government officers and elected representatives of Koraput. Mrs Samari Rana, a carer, said “I feel empowered and have gained the confidence and courage to go and get our rights, come what may…”


The final Carers Day was held on 7th August and was orgniased by our partner organisation, WORD. More than 330 carers attended the event, some of them travelling a very long distance to be part of the historic day. Snacks prepared by the carers were proudly exhibited at the event which received a lot of enquiries from companies who may be interested in entering deals to buy such products.


Thank you again to all our partner organisations and carers who helped to organise the event and thank you to all who attended. Let’s hope that the Carers Days in 2020 will be a huge success too!


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