Carers Standing Up for Human Rights

Carers are too often denied access to their human rights. To mark today’s Human Rights Day, we look at how carers are standing up for their rights by engaging with Government bodies.


A key part of our work involves bringing carers together in local level, cluster level, district level and state level groups and training those carers on how to access existing Government entitlements and schemes. This is the first time that many of these carers become aware that such support is available.


Once awareness-training has been provided carers can apply as individuals or as groups for Government support. Carers across all our projects have had great success in doing this with a total of £726,681 in new Government support for individuals and groups of carers being accessed since 2012.


One example of success comes from Furkesalla self-help group who are based in Myagdi district, Western Nepal. They applied for financial support from their local Municipality and their local Ward Committee and managed to secure the equivalent of over £3,500 which was used to build a community hall. Carers contributed their labour in building the hall and it now serves as a brilliant setting in which carers meetings and other community events can be held.


Another success story is that of carer Bhagawati Thapa from a village in Baglung district, Western Nepal. She applied for and received funding from the Orange Promotion Centre, a government office based in Baglung, which she has used to implement an irrigation system on her orange farm. The irrigation system ensures Bhagawati can maximise the number of high-quality oranges her farm produces which in turns increases her profits. These extra profits help sustain her and her family.


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