Carers Worldwide 2020/21 Impact Report | Leaving No Carer Behind

Image of staff and trustees on a zoom call, all holding up a copy of the Impact Report
The Carers Worldwide Team: Our Staff and Trustees

This month we are very proud to launch our 2020/21 Impact Report.


“Carers Worldwide’s mission-driven work is more urgent than ever, and your latest annual impact report clearly demonstrates your public health impact! Please know we are inspired by your leadership and partnership, to support the unmet needs of unpaid, family carers in low and middle income countries” – Jasmine Greenamyer, Embracing Carers® Lead at EMD Serono


This past year has been difficult for everyone, and COVID-19 has hit family carers hard and shone a spotlight on the struggles they face and all that they contribute to society.


Merck’s Global Carer Well-Being Index found that 39% of carers surveyed in India became carers for the first time this year and 55% of carers in our projects have reported increased stress and anxiety.


In this blog post we will be briefly highlighting some of the key aspects of the report. You can read the full report here for more details.



Each one of us, wherever we live, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Carers have been impacted significantly over the last year, as have their disabled and sick relatives. Together with our partners, we have worked creatively and flexibly to ensure carers were not forgotten about. We have provided practical and emotional support throughout repeated lockdowns, from the initial stages of the pandemic through to the most recent devastating wave that is still sweeping through south Asia. Over the course of the pandemic, we have supported 47,601 carers and family members across 1,830 villages in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Read more about how we have supported carers throughout the pandemic in the full report.


“I am proud of how our team, partners and carers have navigated the challenges presented to us all, ensuring carers remain connected and supported when they have needed it most.” – Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide Founder and Executive Director


Long term sustainable change for carers however, will never be achieved without the involvement of local and national governments. Advocating for the rights of family carers and working on policy change are therefore key priorities and this remains the case even during a global pandemic. The role of carers has come to the fore over the last year and we have been harnessing this increasing recognition of their vital role by engaging with policy makers and government agencies in each of our three countries of operation. As a result of our successful campaign with state authorities in India to prioritise their inclusion, over 161,000 carers have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (and that figure is rising daily). Read more about the impact on policy we have had this year on page 10 of the full report.


As we move into a phase of ‘building back better’ from the impacts of COVID-19, it has been time to reflect. The result has been development of an ambitious 10 year vision for the organisation which will ultimately transform the lives of 10 million carers by the end of 2030. Details of our ten year vision are on page 5 of the report.


“The past year has thrown a spotlight on carers and the vital role they play. We have responded to this by developing a new 10 year vision. We will be implementing a set of creative and innovative solutions to one of the greatest social challenges of our time, the recognition and inclusion of unpaid family carers and together will ignite, amplify and mobilise a global carers movement.” – Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide Founder & Executive Director


Finally, the last twelve months have been a challenging time for small international development charities like Carers Worldwide. Many funders have turned their focus to funding causes within the UK and reductions in UK Aid from the UK government have hit the sector hard. We have been positively overwhelmed by the response to our COVID-19 appeals, the virtual events we have held and the direct approaches we have made to Trusts and Foundations, companies, supporters and individuals. The pandemic has highlighted the vital role played by carers and we thank everyone who has listened to our stories and engaged with our work.


Please do take the time to read our full Impact Report, thank you.


“It is a joy to report that we have been able to maintain our income despite the many challenges and even though many funders have pivoted towards COVID-19 only funding or to supporting domestic causes. To have funders who believe in our cause has been enormously encouraging.” – Chris Underhill MBE, Founding Chair


Woman standing next to a man in a wheelchair, outside.

“For many years I was alone, now I have a whole community, a way to earn and a chance to smile after more than 25 years.” – Sarita, Carer from Nepal


Woman smiling with boy smiling up at her“Now I see my son smiling because he is now seeing me always smiling.” – China Begum, Carer from Bangladesh