Carers Worldwide Ambassador Joins On #GivingTuesday

As part of the global #GivingTuesday campaign, we are delighted to announce that actor Stephen Uppal has joined us to call for action to help poverty-stricken family carers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


With up to 93% of carers and their families living below the poverty line, Stephen will give his time and voice to help Carers Worldwide to tackle one of the fastest growing social issues currently faced in the developing world.


“If we can act, we simply must” says Stephen, who is taking a lead in our 30 Days of Action for Carers Campaign.   The campaign aims to shine a spotlight on this hidden human rights issue, with the intention of calling for global action from government leaders, NGOs, philanthropists, businesses and the public to work towards a better future for carers.


“Too many carers are hidden in plain sight within their own communities and they generally go unnoticed and unsupported.  For many of them, the consequences are heart-breaking and this could be avoided” says Carers Worldwide Founder Anil Patil.


The sad fact is that in India, Nepal and Bangladesh there are no government programmes that support carers. Other NGOs work with people who affected by illness or disability, but Carers Worldwide is the only organisation working directly with carers to meet the needs arising as a direct consequence of their caring their responsibilities.


“It’s impossible to overlook the fact that carers are denied basic human rights, are socially excluded and experience extreme health issues as a result of their caring role. We are truly thankful to Stephen for joining us to helping to build a larger community of supporters here in the UK says Anil.


Best known for playing Ravi Roy in the long-running British soap Hollyoaks, Stephen went on to act in theatre and movies including featuring in the recent blockbuster The Mummy’.  With his sights now firmly set on writing and producing, Stephen’s social conscience has led to the release of his first short film ‘Abe’ which tells the devastating truth of the connection between mental illness and the decline into homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles.


“I genuinely understand the complex nature of caring for loved ones when they need additional support” he told us, going on to explain that his sister took on the primary caring role after a fall left his mum in a coma a few years ago.


Because of this, Stephen feels a connection to the work of Carers Worldwide and says he wants to do all he can to help.  “I can’t imagine how hard it is for the people who literally have nowhere to turn.  It makes me feel so sad that this is happening in India, and in many other countries across South Asia.  It’s just not right” he said.


Please take action alongside Stephen by joining the  30 days of Action for Carers Campaign


Support Stephens work: Download ‘Abe’ 


Go to Giving Tuesday to learn more or get involved

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