Carers Worldwide on the International Stage

Last month Anil Patil, founder of Carers Worldwide, attended two events which focused on the global carers movement.

The first event attended by Anil was Merck’s “Embracing Carers” collaborative meeting which was held in Paris on Tuesday 19th March. Embracing Carers is a global initiative, led by Merck in collaboration with leading carer organizations around the world, that seeks to increase awareness and promote action about the needs of carers. During this meeting, leaders from several organisations:

  • Discussed and celebrated the 2018 successes of the Embracing Carers initiative including the publication of the Global State of Care Report
  • Initiated conversations about long-term goals and opportunities for 2019 to 2021. 

The second event attended last month by Anil was the Annual General Assembly of International Alliance of Carers Organisation (IACO) which took place on 20th and 21st March. Anil attended this assembly as the Founder and Executive Director of Carers Worldwide and also as the Chair of IACO’s “Membership Recruitment and Engagement Committee”. Key objectives of this two day assembly were:

  • To share progress on actions around the globe that support awareness and recognition of carers
  • To share innovative practices around the world that support carers
  • To continue dialogue on the impact of caring
  • To build synergies and identify opportunities towards global commitment to actions for carers

During the assembly, Anil was given the opportunity to present the work that we do in regards to raising awareness and recognition of carers; improving the health and wellbeing of carers; and how we advocate for policy and legislation to support carers. The assembly were impressed by the strategic action that we have been taking to address and support carers.


The events held in March were a very productive opportunity for us to showcase our work and for us to be inspired by the work of others working in the carers sector – we hope to be part of many similar events in the future! To hear about future events that we attend, follow us on Facebook.

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