Carers Worldwide Partners with Hemraj Goyal Foundation to Support Carers in India

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The Hemraj Goyal Foundation  is generously supporting our work with a grant of £15,000 to promote the wellbeing of carers of sick and disabled family members in India over the next 12 months. 


We currently support over 9,000 mostly female carers across four states in India: Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The funding received from the Hemraj Goyal Foundation will primarily be used to support the following activities:


  • Carers Groups: With our local partners, we operate a network of local-level support groups for carers throughout the areas where we work. These groups are designed to reduce isolation by bringing together 10 – 15 carers who provide each other with emotional support. The groups meet on a regular basis, with meetings facilitated by trained Community Mobilisers who are able to advise carers on their rights and entitlements.


  • Education and Training: Many carers are unable to earn an adequate living due to their caring responsibilities. Carers Worldwide enables carers to set up home based income generating activities which can co-exist with caring duties. Many of these activities help to lift entire households out of poverty.


  • Advocacy: Carers tend to be isolated and invisible within their communities. By strengthening the capacity of carers to advocate for their rights, Carers Worldwide’s work means that carers become more able to participate within their communities and lobby for the provision they and their families need.


Anil Patil, Founder and Executive Director of Carers Worldwide said:

“Carers Worldwide would like to express sincere thanks to the Hemraj Goyal Foundation for recognising the need to support family carers in India. The importance of carers and the need to promote their wellbeing has historically been overlooked in South Asia. Funding such as this enables us to continue to grow our Carers Movement across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, working towards an inclusive and fair society for each and every carer.”


Anita Goyal, Chair of the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, said:

“We are very pleased to support Carers Worldwide’s valuable work with carers and carers’ groups in India. We know that carers need much more support. This will particularly benefit women who are much more likely to be family carers and will help them balance their caring responsibilities with working and earning a living. We need much greater recognition of family carers worldwide.”

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