Celebrating Volunteers’ Week

Between 1-7 June 2018 the UK is celebrating Volunteers’ Week which gives organizations the chance to say thank you to the millions of volunteers who dedicate their time to variety of causes. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations estimates that the value of volunteers helping UK charities is a staggering 22.6 billion pounds a year!


Here at Carers Worldwide, we are also supported by volunteers: our board is made up of volunteers and we also engage volunteers with key activities including strategy, governance, networking, copywriting, design and event planning. The help of our volunteers means we can divert more financial resources to the carers in developing countries who need our assistance the most.


Today in our Volunteer Spotlight we would like to introduce you to Victoria Nicholson, who we are thrilled to have on board as a volunteer copywriter. Here are the questions we asked her:


How did you get involved with Carers Worldwide?

I am often looking to lend a hand to great causes and last winter I was searching the do-it.org website to find the next organization I could be involved in. It was here that I came across Carers Worldwide who were looking for people to help with their online “30 days of Action for Carers Campaign” that ran between 25thNovember to 24thDecember.


What role do you play as a volunteer?

I volunteer as a copywriter. This is what I assisted with during the 30-day Campaign mentioned above. Although I initially registered to assist with that campaign only, we stayed in touch after the campaign ended and I am now responsible for writing articles that are published once every fortnight.


What attracted to you as a volunteer to the organization?

During my secondary school years, one of my friends was a young carer and she looked after her mother who was living with multiple sclerosis. From that age, I realised how demanding the role of caring can be and how little support there is for carers, even those based in the UK. When I saw the opportunity posted by Carers Worldwide, I automatically connected to the cause as it reminded me of my childhood friend and I wanted to be involved in a cause that promoted the rights of carers in developing countries, who have even less access to resources and assistance than carers living in developed countries.


What skills and experience do you bring?

I had previous copywriting experience before I joined Carers Worldwide so I have been able to build on my previous knowledge and continue to grow as a writer during my time here.


What do you know now about the work of Carers Worldwide that you didn’t know before?

Quickly after joining the organization I discovered that it is the only organization who deals exclusively with the rights of carers in developing countries. I was shocked to realise this. As unpaid carers are such a vital component to society, it was hard to believe at first that no other initiatives were in place before 2012 to focus solely on this issue.


Thank you, Victoria! And a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who continue to support and enable our work. This week is for you!


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