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Caring Now and in the Future

The impact of COVID19 is now, its immediate and in our local community.


The impact will also be long term, lasting and global.


Carers are the invisible army who provide a backbone of care and support across all our communities, all over the world. COVID19 has made us realise that. The spotlight is on them now and we thank them over and over again for all they do.


Most of the time though, family carers exist behind closed doors, isolated by the very nature of their caring responsibilities and too often forgotten about.


This is true the world over. And now, more than ever, we are realising the global nature of our world, the ways in which we are all connected.


We are ensuring that carers and their families, especially isolated and vulnerable due to disability and long term health needs, are not forgotten now, immediately. We are supporting emergency relief and phone based counselling to help them through the peak of this crisis.


But we will not stop once the worst is over. We will ensure they are not forgotten when the spotlight has moved on.


We will be there to help them rebuild their lives in whatever way they need – emotional support, access to healthcare, assistance to earn an income again. Otherwise for them, the worst will simply stay as the new normal.

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