Committed to Carers – 10 Years and The Journey Continues!

(Last Updated On: 25th January 2022)
Carers Worldwide 2012-2022 Celebrating 10 years of supporting family carers. Graphics of balloons and bunting

Happy and Healthy New Year wishes from everyone at Carers Worldwide!


This year is going to be a landmark year for Carers Worldwide as we celebrate our 10th year of working with family carers in South Asia. We are planning a series of events to celebrate our achievements and share our vision for the next decade.


We will be amplifying the voices of carers, sharing best practices from our partners in the field and inspiring individuals, organisations and local governments to commit to support carers and their families as we move forward in a global Carer’s Movement.


This year we will also be focussing particularly on supporting carers’ mental health and building alliances to ensure no carer is left behind.


Building resilience and increasing our focus on supporting the mental health of family carers and those for whom they care

COVID-19 has continued to create a range of social and economic challenges and has made the role of caring even more challenging. The mental health of family carers has worsened because of the pandemic with 55% of carers in our projects reporting a significant increase in stress and anxiety.


This year we are committed to increasing access to services which will promote the mental health of carers in rural and urban areas across the three countries where we currently work. We are excited to be launching a Carers’ Helpline in Nepal, the first of its kind, which will provide information, advice and support to family carers over the telephone wherever they are based and whenever they need it.


Alliance Building

Caring is typically viewed as a domestic task, carried out primarily by women. As a result, family carers tend to be unrecognised, unappreciated and unsupported within the public domain. There is a widespread lack of recognition or support for family carers in low- and middle-income countries.


One of our strategic priorities is to build alliances at national and ultimately international level which will address this. We will draw together networks of organisations committed to highlighting the issues of family carers and including them into their support programmes. These will work together with our existing strong district and state level networks to ensure the voices of family carers remain at the forefront of any future actions.


This year, we will be forming national alliances in Nepal and India which will spearhead policy reviews, the development of strategies to achieve carer inclusion and action plans to make caring visible and bring about change on the ground.


As you can see, 2022 is shaping up to be a busy year and one which we expect will see us make an even greater impact on the lives of family carers in low- and middle-income countries. We look forward to having you join us on this journey and encourage you stay connected via our newsletter which you can sign up for just at the bottom of this blog post, and social channels, links to which are in the footer of the website, below.

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