Small Charity Success | The Power of Partnerships

To mark Small Charity Week we have been talking with Anil Patil – Founder and Executive Director of Carers Worldwide to explore how our small charity is making such a big impact.


‘Partnership working and collaboration is at the very heart of everything we do.’ says Anil.


‘From the local NGOs that rapidly adopt the Carers Worldwide model, to the funders who make our work possible and of course the carers themselves…who are the most important partner and critical stakeholders for consideration in our work’ he said.


There are many reasons why Carers Worldwide has been able to improve the lives of more than 35,000 people (carers and their family members who had previously been invisible and voiceless within their communities irrespective of the fact that many were living in extreme poverty, isolation and despair at their situations)since we began operating in 2012. One of the major factors in our success to date has been making the deliberate decision to act as a catalyst and to establish partnerships with well-established local NGOs who provide the foundations to rapidly implement our innovative and unique programmes to reach the widest number of carers and their families as possible.


‘We are now proudly working with 9 partner NGOs in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. These organisations have astonished us in their readiness to take on the carers issue and integrate it with their existing programmes. In the next 5 years, we hope to increase that number significantly, which will enable us to create a global carers movement.’ Anil said.


All of the existing Carers Worldwide partners are local NGOs who had an existing presence in their community before our arrival. Locally-active NGOs are able to provide us with an insight to the specific needs and dynamics of the communities we are looking to assist which means our programme can be tailored specifically to meet those needs. As our partners are already well-known and respected within the areas they operate, it can help speed up our process of gaining the trust of those communities, enabling us to quickly change awareness, attitudes and service provisions for carers.


‘Alongside our partners we are forging new support services, generating greater awareness of their important role and calling for recognition, changes to policy and practice that will support their needs.’ says Anil.


Sustainability of the engagement and empowerment process is a major focus of the Carers Worldwide model and partnering with local organizations means that we remain focused on building local capacity, knowledge and infrastructure to ensure that our process continue long after our input ends.


Due to the effectiveness of our existing partnerships in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, we are now in the process of forging relationships with new partners so we can continue to replicate and scale-up our work and achieve our goal of reaching 100,000 carers and their family members by the end of 2019.

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