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BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Event Date: 07 November 2021
Published: 12 December 2021

We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to share our work with the Radio 4 audience through our Radio 4 Appeal which aired on 7th November.
Journalist Jackie Ashley presented our Appeal for us, which focussed on the story of Hema. Hema is from a small village in Southern India and cares for her husband who suffered a series of life altering strokes.

The chance to share Hema’s story through a Radio 4 Appeal was a big one for a small charity like ours and we were delighted to have had Jackie Ashley present it for us. Jackie has direct experience of what a carer goes through. Her husband, fellow journalist Andrew Marr, suffered a life-changing stroke in 2013, and during his recovery Jackie became his full time carer – and so our appeal is close to her heart.

If you missed the appeal on Sunday 7th November, it will be repeated on Thursday 11th November at 3:27pm or you can listen anytime you want on the Radio 4 website , where you can also give a gift. We would be extremely grateful for any donations received which will be used to help more carers like Hema. Please be aware though, that donations made through the BBC only come to us if made in the week of the appeal, which ends on Saturday the 13th November. If you would like to give directly, you can do so through the form below.

Headshot of Jackie Ashley. Calendar icon: Sunday 7th Nov; Clock icon: 7:54am 9:25pm; Radio icon BBC Radio 4

“I have personal experience of caring, and while there is good support in the UK, caring is much more difficult in other parts of the world. Carers Worldwide is seeking to fill those gaps in support – it’s a brilliant cause.”

Jackie Ashley

Watch our video below to hear more from Jackie Ashley about why she wanted to present our Radio 4 Appeal.