From isolation to employment | Caring for carers in the Kathmandu Valley

#HumansCare series: Luni’s Story – Kathmandu Valley

Today our #HumansCare story comes from the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Luni is the Programme Manager of our work with Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP). She works on a project funded by the Big Lottery Fund, leading a team of caseworkers to improve the health and wellbeing of 500 carers.  They are mostly mothers, caring for children with cerebral palsy.


Our work is very important.  Until now many carers have had no way of socialising or earning a living.  Their lives have been very hard and the earthquakes in 2015 made things so much worse for them.


Luni and her team are working tirelessly to convince these carers that they are worthy of support.  For many of them, their own welfare is the lowest priority.


We hear about isolated and vulnerable carers through our carers group networks.  It’s mostly word of mouth, because they are so hidden from mainstream society and don’t even realise that they have any options available to them.


Identifying carers through schools, disability centres and coordinating with other agencies, Luni knows that this is just the first step.  Convincing them that their own needs are important is one of the biggest challenges.


Once a carer is convinced that they should invest in themselves, we connect them with one of the carers groups that we have established.  Social connection is the first step, where they find other people who experience the same challenges that they do.  After some time, they develop new confidence and greater self-esteem.


Luni and her team have already set up 23 support groups, bringing together 366 carers for emotional support.  They know that more carers need help, so their work to reach more people is continuing in earnest.


It’s very encouraging to see carers getting the emotional support that they need. Then we can begin helping carers to generate an income.  It’s important that they can earn a living at the same time as caring…that’s the focus of our livelihoods programme.


You can read more about the achievements of Luni and her team here

The results of the project speak for themselves and highlight what can be achieved when #HumansCare.

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