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Funding Announcement | UK Aid Direct Grant to Empower Female Carers in Nepal

We are thrilled to share the news that we have been awarded a Jo Cox Memorial Strengthening Grant through UK Aid Direct. UK Aid Direct is a five-year, £150 million challenge fund designed to support the UK’s commitments to achieving the 2030 Global Goals.


Kim Leadbeater, sister of Jo Cox and Ambassador of The Jo Cox Foundation, said:


“Jo will always be, for me, first and foremost a humanitarian. Her kindness and compassion towards other people and her philosophy of pulling together and trying to make a difference in the world is what defined her – throughout her life. So it is truly heart-warming to have something so special in her name. The Jo Cox Memorial grants will go to projects that encompass some of the passions Jo had in terms of women’s empowerment and bringing local communities together. It is an important part of Jo’s legacy that our family is extremely proud of and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the work so far.”


Our two-year project, Promoting Social and Economic Empowerment of Carers by Strengthening Women-Led Carers Associations, aims to transform the lives of Nepalese carers in the remote districts of Baglung and Myagdi, 80% of whom are women.


This project is funded with UK aid from the British people and is consolidating and extending our existing work in Nepal but with a specific focus on advocacy and economic inclusion of carers at both a community and civil society level. The project is being implemented in collaboration with one of our on-the-ground partners, LEADS Nepal, who are now well experienced in working with carers.


To achieve the goals of our project we are delivering training to LEADS Nepal staff and Carers Association members. The training is providing staff and members with the knowledge and skills needed for them to effectively engage with other carers and to help meet their needs. The training also provides staff and members with the tools required to work alongside local government and other agencies, so they can lobby for the rights of carers.


By the end of the project we will achieve the following advocacy and economic outcomes for carers:

  • Engagement in new livelihoods compatible with caring responsibilities
  • Financial security for carers and their families with many lifted out of poverty for the first time since becoming carers
  • Access to local Self-Help Groups for emotional and practical support
  • District Carers Associations functioning as independent NGOs
  • Carers Association members (86% women) and cluster group members (94% women) holding positions of responsibility and leadership


In response to the announcement of this funding, Ruth Patil, Operations Manager of Carers Worldwide said:


“We would like to thank UK Aid Direct and the Jo Cox Foundation for this award which will enable carers in Nepal to overcome marginalisation and exclusion. We established Carers Worldwide in response to our own experiences of caring and are honoured to be part of a movement inspired by Jo Cox, pursuing the core value of ‘We have more in common than that which divides us.’ This project will help us put this belief into practice, promoting the wellbeing and inclusion of women who care in the most challenging of circumstances.”


We are excited that this project is now underway and will bring you further updates in due course.

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