Funding News | The Commonwealth Foundation announces further support

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Carers Worldwide was one of only five organisations to have a project approved for funding by the Commonwealth Foundation Grants Committee on 13 June 2018.


The Foundation funds only a very small number of projects in line with its strategic goals to help ensure that policy, law and government institutions are more effective contributors to development through the influence of civic voices.


Our successful project will build on the results achieved to date in India at local government level, seeking to strengthen civic voice in advocating for the rights of family carers and support the passage of favourable policy and legislation at a national level.


In 2014, we were granted funding from The Commonwealth Foundation to begin our work in India in earnest. The project was successfully delivered in 3 Indian states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. Concluding in September 2017, thisproject paved the way for extensive learning and development of the Carers Worldwide Model. Alongside our partners SAMUHA, SACRED and NBJK, we made great advances in the recognition and inclusion of carers within Indian society.


“With the support of the Commonwealth Foundation, our work has gone from strength to strength.” says Anil Patil, our Founder and Executive Director.


“We have begun to see a shift in public understanding of the challenges that carers face and the solutions that can solve this growing social problem.” he said.


An independent evaluation of the previously funded project confirmed its success and highlighted that in some areas, the results had far exceeded expectations, including:

  • 1,963 carers engaged – significantly more than our original target of 1,200
  • 90% went on to access government schemes and services
  • 93% took up a livelihood activity which brings reliable income to their household
  • 12 local doctors were trained and equipped to provide carer-friendly services
  • Counselling is now available to all carers, if and when required
  • 1779 carers became active members of 148 newly-established carers self-help groups


Confident in the knowledge that the project will continue to build on previous achievements, the Commonwealth Foundation approved a further four-year grant to take the project outcomes to the next level.


The project will elevate our impact by creating a stronger civic voice that will advocate for the rights of family carers at every level in Indian society through the formation of State Level Carers Forums (SLCFs) and the Indian National Alliance of Carers (INAC).


With funding now confirmed, action planning is underway to scale up across district, state and national levels with thanks to the Commonwealth Foundation.


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