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Corporate Partnerships

Why partner with Carers Worldwide?

Founded in 2012, and starting with a pilot project involving just 250 carers in India, Carers Worldwide is now known internationally and has directly transformed the lives of over 120,000 carers and family members by implementing the Carers Worldwide model with 15 partner organisations across 3 countries. As you can see, we mean business!

David with Ride London medal on a blue ribbon

"We were honoured to be Carers Worldwide’s first corporate partnership and pleased that everyone in the company got behind this partnership with such enthusiasm. Each and every individual in the company helped to raise money for Carers Worldwide."

David Westgate, Group CEO at Andrews Property Group

We are goal oriented:

But we keep the person at the centre, always ensuring our work benefits the carer and in turn the family member for whom they care. We apply these values to our work with partners as well, and you can be sure of a personal and personalised approach to our partnership with you. By partnering with us, you will be part of a global movement which will create a legacy for years to come. We will work with you to co-create a partnership that will benefit the vulnerable communities we work with and help you make an impact.

Strengthen your CSR strategy

Partner with Carers Worldwide and show a demonstrable commitment to corporate social responsibility, whilst contributing to the increased wellbeing and sustained inclusion of carers in the global South.

Find out more about our vision and how we put it into action.

Contribute to your sector

Interested in making an impact in a sector that aligns to your own?

Our work is multi-sectoral, covering areas such as healthcare, mental health, education, micro-enterprise, agri-based livelihoods, empowerment of women and girls, policy development, disability, aging and more.

Inspire your staff

Looking for staff engagement opportunities?

Build a community among your staff whilst supporting carers globally. We have so much to be thankful to carers for. Members of your staff team will be carers themselves.

Help them extend the hand of care to others around the world.

Get in touch

Talk to us about your charitable goals and how Carers Worldwide can help you to achieve them.