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Carers Worldwide Gift Card

Make a Real Difference

By buying a gift card from Carers Worldwide your present will put a smile on more than one face. Take a look at the examples below of what your gift could do and then make a donation using the form on this page.

 Carers Worldwide sample gift card
Sample gift card

We will then be in touch with you by email in one or two business days to ask you what message you’d like on your gift card and send it across to you. Make a real difference with a Carers Worldwide gift card.

See what your donation can do

Which gift would you give?

Doctor conducting health check on female carer in Bangladesh


This could train three community health workers to work with carers and their families to promote physical and mental health

adult man with veg trailer


This could help one carer initiate a livelihood activity, bringing in income and lifting their family out of poverty
Two women sitting on the floor talking


This could pay for a counsellor to spend a day with a group of unpaid family carers
children using crayons


This could buy a learning resource kit made up of books, crayons, pencils & paints for children with disabilities to engage with whilst at one of our Community Caring Centres