Highlighting the issues of carers at Healthcare Management Conference 2021

Last week our Executive Director Anil Patil was invited to take part in the first of a two-part virtual panel discussion hosted by the K J Somaiya Institute of Management (KSJM) in Mumbai. The theme of the discussion was “Global Initiatives in Healthcare to Improve Wellbeing”.


Panel members contributed to conversation on various topics such as the:


  • Impact of new technologies in promoting health care services
  • Health and wellbeing of healthcare workers and family carers
  • Barriers to accessing healthcare services
  • Use of data and information for better decision-making


The diversity of panel members in terms of expertise and experiences made the discussion highly rich in content and it was brilliantly moderated by Dr Pramod Prabhakaran of Imperial College Health Partners and Co-founder of Kit4Carers.


During the discussion Dr Prema Basargekar, Professor at KJSIM, acknowledged that little or no attention is given to the health and wellbeing of carers. She stated that the Institute would be keen to work with Carers Worldwide to develop a module on carers for healthcare managers.


“It was a great privilege for me to participate in the conference and to be given the opportunity to highlight to healthcare managers the importance of carers and the need to support them,” Anil said. “I look forward to attending the second phase of the conference in March.”


For full information on the Healthcare Management Conference take a look at their brochure.