Human Rights Day 2019 | Youth Empowerment

Human Rights Day is observed every 10th December. The theme of Human Rights Day 2019 is ‘Youth Standing up for Rights’. The call is for individuals and organisations to ensure young people have safe and inclusive spaces and can participate in decisions that impact on their wellbeing and on the development of their community.


As part of our work, we identify young carers under the age of 18 whose voices are not heard. Many young carers often have to leave school due to their caring responsibilities and become invisible to society. They have limited time to socialise with their peers and sometimes have to forgo marriage and employment when they become adults as their caring responsibilities continue into their adult life.


As part of our commitment to human rights for carers, we work with young carers to ensure that they can regain their childhood and participate in decisions that impact their wellbeing, the wellbeing of the person for whom they care and also the wider community. We do this by helping children to re-enter education and setting up young carer groups so they can unite and make their voices heard about what they need.


Since 2012 we have worked with a total of 312 young carers. We will continue to engage with them and other young carers in our future work to ensure that all young carers have the capacity and confidence to stand up for their rights.


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