#HumansCare | A Future of Possibilities

“I see a future of hope and possibilities.” – Hom, Carer from Baglung, Nepal.


Hom is 65 years old and is the carer of his wife, Iswori, who is 56 years old. Together they raised 5 children who have all grown up and left home.


Iswori first started showing symptoms of illness over 20 years ago when she regularly started fainting. Hom took his wife to Pokhara to see a medical specialist who prescribed her with medication, but she refused to take the tablets. Hom worried his wife would never get better and questioned what his future would look like.


Iswori’s symptoms worsened over the years. She would faint more regularly and also started to become aggressive towards her family. Hom took his wife to see the same medical specialist who diagnosed her with a different condition and again recommended medication. This time Iswori agreed to take the medication and her symptoms began to improve.


In 2014 when Carers Worldwide and LEADS Nepal launched a project in the Baglung region, Hom was identified to participate in the project and immediately joined a newly established self-help group for Carers. This was the first time Hom had ever accessed support for himself as a carer and it enabled him to feel more positive about his role as a carer and reduced his worries about his future.


After benefiting from the support he received in the self-help group, Hom decided to become an Executive Member of Baglung’s Carers Association (CA). He now feels confident in speaking about the carers’ issue which is a subject he was completely unaware of until being introduced to the carers project. Hom says his self-confidence has increased since joining the CA and he feels respected within his community. He is very proud to be part of the CA and wants to remain a part of the CA so he can ensure other carers receive the support they need.


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