#HumansCare | Caring about the Rights of Other Carers

Pradeep Shrestha is a member of the Nava Agaman Samaj Carers Association in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal as he wants to be a representative for all Nepalese carers. He wants to advocate for more care centres to be established for children with disabilities and for carers to receive financial support from the Government for themselves, and not just the persons they care for.


Pradeep and his wife both care for their son, 8 year-old Saijen, who has Cerebral Palsy. Saijen was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2 and his condition has caused difficulties with walking. He required constant care and assistance with daily activities such as washing and going to the toilet.


During the day, Pradeep works as a photojournalist and is the sole income-earner for the family but on an evening, when he is at home, he helps care for his son.


Before the carers project, Pradeep and his wife struggled with the emotional challenges of caring and felt that they were alone in their caring role. They had limited knowledge on the condition of Cerebral Palsy and did not know best to care for their son.


After being introduced to their local carers self-help group, the couple learned about Cerebral Palsy and were made aware of an operation that could improve their son’s legs. They paid for their son to have the operation and have seen an improvement in his mobility.


Besides learning about medical options for their son, the couple have benefited greatly from the emotional support provided from the group and no longer feel alone now that they can share their problems with other carers. Pradip and his wife have noticed an improvement to their mental wellbeing since joining the self-help group.


After noticing a change to his life, when Pradeep heard about the Carers Association being formed in Kathmandu he decided he wanted to be a part of the Association so he could play an important role in helping other carers. Pradip is now committed along with other members of the group, to advocating for the rights of carers across Kathmandu and even beyond.


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