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Our #HumansCare feature this week comes from Bangalore in South India, where Carers Worldwide works closely with the State Disability Commissioner of Karnataka, Mr Basavaraju.  


Since the inception of Carers Worldwide, the Commissioner has supported our journey from the first consultation to becoming an active member of the Disability NGOs Alliance in Karnataka and has helped us to build connections that have greatly influenced our ability to reach over 30,000 carers and their families in India since 2012. He also joined us  at a multi-stakeholder meeting last year in collaboration with NIMHANS to raise awareness and support for unpaid family carers.


Carers Worldwide followed closely the development of the Rights of Persons with Disability (RPWD) Act 2016. After it was passed, we consulted the Commissioner to support and progress the recommendations made which make reference to carers, which will extend much needed support to reduce some of their financial burden.


We have also been guided by the Commissioner on the role that Carers Worldwide can play to assist the integration of the Mental Health Care Act 2017 into the state and district level policy and practice, fully embracing its acknowledgement of the importance of the role of family carers in mental healthcare practices.


“I highly regard the work of Carers Worldwide in India. Its programmes are absolutely vital to ensure that family carers are appropriately recognised and included in the enactment of our state and national policies.” says the Commissioner, Mr Basavaraju. 


Visiting our projects in Koppal district, the Commissioner has heard carers stories first-hand and has taken the time to fully understand the challenges they face. This experience has encouraged him to provide his time and support to the carers movement in India by joining the next phase of development in the Carers Worldwide agenda in India – a Karnataka State Level Carers Forum.


We greatly acknowledge the passion and dedication of the Commissioner in supporting our cause and we look forward to his continued co-operation to highlight carers issues to a growing network of stakeholders.


Watch this space for more information on our plans for the forum and the important role played by the Commissioner and others in the coming months.

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