#HumansCare | Gyanamma

Gyanamma lives in Hatti, India. Due to her inspirational story she has been chosen to feature in this edition of our #HumansCare series. We share her story with you here.


Gyanamma is the mother of three children. Her eldest son, Naveen is 10 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. Gyanamma, who herself has a physical disability, is the main carer of her son. Her husband works hard in the agriculture industry for a low wage in order to financially support the family. Life was challenging for the family who struggled to earn enough income to sustain the family and to ensure Naveen accessed the medical care he required.


In 2014, our local partner SAMUHA began to work with Gyanamma and her family. They assisted her in obtaining medical certificates for Naveen so he could receive a disability pension. Naveen was also provided with a wheelchair, splint and physiotherapy. Gyanamma was taught how to do the physiotherapy exercises with Naveen so he could receive a good level of care within the home.


As well as supporting Naveen, SAMUHA focused on Gyanamma’s well-being too. As she too was physically disabled, staff helped her apply for a disability pension which provides financial support for the family. A motorized bike was also given to her after she submitted an application to the Disability Welfare Department. She was also able to take part in tailoring training at SAMUHA’s offices and began stitching clothes such as blouses and children dresses which provide her with an income.


Gyanamma expressed her desire to own her own sewing machine which was given to her through a Give India donation. This has given Gyanamma the freedom to work from home so she can earn a living and still provide care for Naveen. In addition to this, Gyanamma has accessed a loan so she could purchase two sheep. The sheep provide an additional income for the family and they are now in a much better economic position.


In 2017, after improvements had been made to her life from the help of SAMUHA, she joined her local carers group in Koppal. She was able to meet with different carers and was involved in discussions about caring. She has been an integral member of the group and has been confident in speaking and sharing her experiences in front of others which has inspired others in her position.


It is great to see how Gyanamma’s life has changed since first being part of the project in 2014 and how she now motivates other carers by talking about her journey in carers meetings.


If you would like to see more carers like Gyanamma be able to transform their lives, then please consider making a donation to us today.


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