#HumansCare | Kalkoly

Kalkoly is 12 years old and cares for her elder brother Milon, who has an intellectual disability and communication difficulties. They live in a small village on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh with their parents who both work long hours every day as garment workers.


Kalkoly used to attend school regularly and had lots of friends there but has had to drop out to ensure the wellbeing of her brother. Although Kalkoly is proud to care for her brother, her caring role has had a big impact on her life. Her social life has suffered and Kalkoly now feels lonely and isolated from her peers. She is also very worried about missing out on her education and wonders what her future will be.


Kalkoly’s mother heard about the carers group that was being set up close to their home and encouraged the group to welcome Kalkoly as a child carer. The group were happy to accept Kalkoly as part of their network and she is a regular attendee at monthly meetings. Kalkoly is delighted to have a platform where she can share her feelings and opinions about her role as a carer. Her presence has also raised awareness of the role of child carers, who are invisible to their local communities.


“I am pleased to be part of a carers group so I can share my feelings and opinions about my role as a carer.” Kalkoly – Carer


This #HumansCare story was taken from our 2019 Impact Report. You can find more stories and statistics about our work by reading the report in full here.


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