#HumansCare | Kamalamma

In Ramachandrapuram village, Andhra Pradesh, southern India lives 41-year old Kamalamma and her 19-year old daughter, Venkatalakshmi who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and intellectual disability. Kamalamma cares around-the-clock for Venkatalakshmi, including bathing, dressing and feeding her.


Staff of our partner organisation SACRED have been working with Venkatalaksmi since she was 9 years old, providing physiotherapy, financial support for her epilepsy medicines and helping her family to access the government disability pension worth around £3.50 a month.


In 2015, Kamalamma became involved with our Carers Project. She joined her local group, Bhavani Carers Group, which currently has 10 members. Kamalamma is an active member of the group and is very supportive of other members in the group. As a group, they are currently planning to access financial support through Mahila Samakhya, a government scheme aimed towards rural women and also local banks.


Since joining the group, Kamalamma now saves Rs 20 (25p) per month which she uses for household purposes. As part of the carers project, Kamalamma received a Rs 10000 (£116.40) loan to set-up a livelihood activity. She purchased buffaloes, repaid the loan in full, and borrowed a second time to purchase additional buffaloes. At present she has 3 buffaloes which produce 18 litres of milk per day and earns a daily income of Rs 180 – Rs 200 (£2.10 – £2.30). Selling the milk has greatly improved the financial situation of the family.


Kamalamma said: “Being part of the carers group has provided me with support and increased my confidence in facing the difficulties and challenges of caring. I am much happier today because of my involvement with the carers project.”


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