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#HumansCare | Laxmi Devi

This is the story of Laxmi Devi, a 32 year old carer who lives in Rudh village in Jharkhand, north India.  Laxmi cares for her husband, Ashok, who lost the use of both of his legs as a child due to Polio. The couple have two children, a boy aged 10 and a girl aged 7, and they all live together as a family alongside Ashok’s mother and father.


Laxmi used to be very depressed. She found it a challenge spending her days caring for husband as well raising her two young children. The family also faced financial hardship as neither she nor Ashok were working. Her mother-in-law was doing some tailoring work at their home but the income was not enough to support the household.   


Laxmi came into contact with Carers Worldwide through our local partner NBJK. She was keen to improve her family’s situation and after suggesting that she and her husband could take up tailoring and work from home, NBJK gave her a loan to purchase a sewing machine. Ashok’s mother passed on her tailoring skills to Laxmi and Ashok and the couple soon established a small but thriving business, impressing their local community with the quality of their work. To keep up with demand, they received a second loan from NBJK to install a motor in their sewing machine which would help them speed up their work.  The family also purchased a tricycle for Ashok which meant that he could be independently mobile.


The couple’s tailoring business is now well established and the family are economically secure for the first time.


As well as receiving financial support, Laxmi has benefited from the emotional support she gets from meeting with other carers at her local carers self help group and she is much happier now. “I want to inspire other carers,” she says “and show them that they can turn their lives around, just like my family has.”


The support provided to Laxmi and her family was made possible through our local partner NBJK. If you would like to know more about NBJK you can visit their website here.


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