#HumansCare | Majipara Carers Self-help Group

In November 2018, a group of carers in Majipara, a remote area in the sub-district of Savar, Bangladesh were brought together to form a supportive network. Today the group consists of 22 carers, the majority of whom care for children with cerebral palsy or learning disabilities.



Since its formation, the group members have been meeting on a regular basis to provide each other with emotional support and to help reduce the loneliness and isolation that they previously felt. In their meetings the group usually discusses a variety of issues relating to their own welfare, as well as the well-being of those they care for. After outlining their issues, the group work together to formulate solutions to their problems. In under two years the group has achieved incredible results including:


  • 10 carers establishing their own income-generating activities
  • Advocating with local government to receive disability cards for those they care for


Throughout the current COVID-19 outbreak, the group members have been showing an even greater commitment to one another. They have been sharing knowledge about the virus including how to prevent its spread, how to protect their disabled children and where to go for testing should they suspect they have come into contact with the virus.


The carers have also been encouraging each other to establish and maintain vegetable gardens in their homes to ensure their families can eat healthy nutritious food and boost their immune systems. The group has also supported the distribution of food and sanitation packages to the families most in need.


We are pleased to hear that the Majipara Carers Group members are helping each other during this crisis and we are sure their solidarity will get them through this difficult time. Please explore the COVID-19 section of our website to see how we are helping all the carers involved in our projects navigate these challenging times.