#HumansCare | Noman Khan

Last year we began our first pilot project in Bangladesh and partnered with local NGO “Centre for Disability in Development” (CDD). For this #HumansCare feature we spoke to Mr Noman Khan who is the Founder of the organisation. Noman kindly told us about his role at CDD and the work he does with carers.


Tell us about your role and how you support carers?

I have an incredibly varied role at CDD. I am responsible for providing the overall direction of CDD’s projects and ensuring their effective implementation. In my work with carers, some of the tasks I am responsible for include:

  • Conducting a baseline survey for the carers pilot project
  • Understanding the needs of carers
  • Organising community-level health camps for carers
  • Providing mobility devices to support persons with disabilities
  • Providing financial support to carers so they can establish livelihood activities

Why do you think it important that carers in your region receive the support that they need?

Carers are invisible and their contribution within communities is not recognised. It is important for carers to have their voices heard so that government and society can work towards meeting their needs. Carers in our region need assistance in developing knowledge that will enable them to improve their economic situation and health. Ensuring the wellbeing of carers will also improve the quality of life of the persons they care for.


What changes have been made to the lives of the carers you support?

Although our project is very new, we are pleased that changes have already been made to the lives of carers. Carers groups have been established and carers are forming good relationships between themselves through attending these groups. The carers groups give a platform for the carers to discuss their needs and concerns. Another key success is that knowledge has been given to carers about government provisions which exist for persons living with disabilities and many carers are now taking steps to access them.


What hopes do you have for the future of the carers who you support?

We have many future hopes for the carers we work with. We would like to develop a community-level recreation centre in collaboration with carers groups. In the long term we hope that carers are no longer invisible and that they feel empowered to take action to ensure their rights are met.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding carers and your work?

CDD is currently the leading organization that is addressing the rights of carers in Bangladesh. We are planning to promote the inclusion of the carers’ rights in to relevant national policies and within development practices of international and national NGOs. We hope that Bangladesh will be considered as a role model for ensuring the rights of the carers in the future.


We are incredibly grateful to Noman and the team at CDD for the dedication they have committed to our pilot project in Bangladesh. If you are interested in finding out more about the work of CDD you can visit their website here.


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