#HumansCare | Parbati Disari

Parbati Disari lives in the village of Mahedeiput, Odisha and has been the carer of her mother since she was a teenager. Parbati’s mother was diagnosed with a mental health condition 20 years ago. When Parbati’s mother first became ill, the family sought traditional forms of help through local healers which was expensive and did not help ease her condition. Over the years, her mother’s condition has gradually deteriorated and she now lives with severe health complications.


As the only other female in the family, Parbati is responsible for providing round-the-clock assistance to her mother as well keeping on top of all other household chores including cooking and cleaning. This has had a huge impact on the quality of Parbati’s life. Her personal health has been affected and she has no free time to meet with friends, look after herself or take steps for her future.


Our local partner, EKTA, approached Parbati to offer her and her family support through our project. Parbati was unsure initially as she couldn’t see how either her situation or her mother’s condition could be improved. After several more meetings, the staff at EKTA convinced Parbati to take her mother to a local medical facility where she received medication that began to improve her condition. Going forward, Parbati is now planning to link up with various schemes and facilities that will further benefit her mother.


The improvement in the health of Parbati’s mother has acted as a catalyst to change the life of Parbati. Parbati now has time to pursue her own work and can make plans for her own future. Although Parbati initially thought her situation was unchangeable, she now realises the positive benefits that intervention can bring and she wants to encourage others who are cynical about change to get involved with what our projects have to offer. She is now active in village level functions and gives her time to support other carers, regularly attending carer group meetings. EKTA comments that:


“Parbati is one of the most active carer group participants and has become a real carers’ champion. She is a great inspiration for other carers to never lose hope or give up when caring for a loved one.”


Well done to Parbati for being a great role model to other carers and thank you to EKTA who have supported her journey in to this role.


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