#HumansCare | Racheal Ray

Racheal Ray is the Executive Secretary of our NGO partner Women’s Organisation for Rural Development (WORD) who are based in the Koraput District of Odisha, India. She started working for carers in 2017 and has taken time to share with us what her role involves:


Why did you choose to work with carers?

WORD was given the opportunity to listen to Mr Anil Patil discuss the work he had been doing with carers through Carers Worldwide and his existing NGO partners. It was the first time that we began to see the issue of disability through the eyes of carers. As an organisation, we always felt it was the people with disabilities who needed support and did not give much thought to the efforts of carers and the challenges they face. Once we realised the need for carers to be supported, we were eager to start working with them.


What role do you play in the Carers Project?

I have a varied role within WORD and I am involved in several projects. Within the Carers Project, my main responsibilities are administration and monitoring the progress of the project. I am also the legal holder of the project.


What changes have you seen so far in the lives of carers since the project started?

Within the space of just a couple of years there has been a remarkable change to the lives of the carers we work with. Carers are now visible within their local villages and for the first time, people are starting to recognise the effort made by carers. As a result of this recognition, carers are slowly starting to build self-confidence and are feeling valued in their role.


What hopes do you have for the future of carers?

I hope that with further training and facilitation the carers will be empowered and have a great future. It would be brilliant to see the carers become change makers within their families and communities. By working as an association, they will be able to bring about changes to their own lives and also the lives of the people they care for.


We would like to congratulate Racheal for the work that she has done with carers to date. If you would like to know more about WORD, the organisation Racheal works for then you can visit their website here.


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