#HumansCare | Reena Devi

The next carer to be included in our #HumansCare feature is Reena Devi. Reena lives in Jharkhand, India and cares for her father-in-law who lives with a mental health condition.


Life used to be difficult for Reena and her family. The family faced economic hardship as a result of the burden of caring. Things started to change for Reena when one of our local partners, NBJK, offered support through one of our projects. NBJK organized a Community Mental Health Camp where carers of persons living with mental health conditions could access advice regarding suitable treatment and services for the persons they care for. Since attending this camp, Reena has now been accessing treatments and medicines to treat her father-in-law’s condition which has made her caring role easier.


As part of the project, Reena also received Rs 10000 (approximately £110) from her local Carers Group which she used to buy a cow that could produce milk to be sold. At present, Reena now owns two cows and is able to sell 3 litres of milk every day. This income supports the family and has significantly reduced the burden of caring.


In addition to this, Reena is now a regular attendee at her local Carers Group’s meetings where she discusses the issues faced by carers and works in collaboration with those carers to find solutions to problems.


If you would like to find out more about our partner NBJK who supports inspiring carers such as Reena, you can visit their website here.


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