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#HumansCare | Sabitri Majhi

Arpita is an 11-year-old girl with brittle bone disease, a hearing impairment and communication difficulties. She lives in the state of Odisha with her father and her mother, Sabitri, who is her full-time carer. At just 8-months old Arpita broke a bone in her leg for the first time and since then has broken bones in her arms and legs a total of 12 times.


In 2017, our local partner Ekta began working with Sabitri and Arpita through our carers project. At the time, Arpita was attending school on a very irregular basis as mobility issues made it difficult to take her to and from school. She did not have a wheelchair, and this made Sabitri’s caring duties even more challenging as she needed to carry Arpita wherever they went.


Ekta provided Arpita with a wheelchair which has significantly improved the mobility challenges that the family faced. Through the project, Arpita has been linked to an education scholarship and there is hope that she will be able to attend school on a more regular basis now. This will help Arpita with her development whilst providing Sabitri with respite time.


Sabitri and her husband were also provided with financial support to scale-up their floriculture venture that they had been running prior to the carers project. The scaling-up of their income-generating activity has resulted in the couple’s daily earnings increasing, which has reduced financial pressure on the family.


Another benefit of the project for Sabitri is that she is now a member of her local carers group where she regularly meets with other carers. She says she enjoys the meetings as it is a place for her to relax and to speak to other carers. In the group, Sabitri and other carers exchange stories about caring and provide moral support for each other. Sabitri has expressed her wish for such support to be available to all carers as it is a great tool for improving the wellbeing of carers.


We are pleased to hear how the provision of a wheelchair for her daughter, financial assistance for her floriculture business, and becoming a member of her local carers group has improved the wellbeing of Sabitri and her family.


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