#HumansCare | SACRED Carers Project Staff

This edition of #HumansCare focuses on the team of staff working on the Carers Project at SACRED – our NGO partner based in Andhra Pradesh, South India. You might recall that founder and director of SACRED, Thippanna, spoke to us in a previous #HumansCare post.


Each member of the Carers Project team at SACRED has a minimum of 8 years’ experience of working with people with disabilities or mental illness, rural communities and families. The team have adopted an integrated approach to the carers’ issue, meaning that those who work with carers also work with the persons living with disability or illness.


The staff at SACRED say they are committed to the carers’ issue as they strongly believe that whole families and communities should be responsible for caring and that the role should not just fall on a sole member, usually a wife or mother.


Staff at SACRED have noted a big transformation in the lives of carers that they have worked with. As a result of the efforts and determination of the staff, carers have become more confident in sharing their issues and demanding their rights than they were prior to the work of the Carers Project. Carers are now also attending events within their communities, which they previously didn’t due to shame and stigma. Many carers have started participating in income-generating activities for the first time, which is helping to lift families out of poverty.


The SACRED team have bigger ideas for the future of carers. They feel that the Government should recognise carers and give carers substantial support. Currently there are too few carers in too few villages who are receiving support. To attain the required level of recognition from the Government, SACRED are taking steps to ensure carers focus on advocacy and are assisting carers with putting pressure on the Government. They are currently planning a State-Level meeting with diverse stakeholders from all sectors – government, civil society, NGOs, local businesses and carers – in order to increase recognition for carers.


We would like to thank the team at SACRED for all their hard work and for being great examples of #HumansCare. If you would like to find out more about SACRED you can visit their website.


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