#HumansCare | Shova

Shova from Kathmandu Valley cares for her teenage daughter, Subekhsya, who has Cerebral Palsy. Subekhsya is unable to walk and does not have full use of her right-hand.


From the age of 3, Subekhsya received early intervention support through SGCP, our partner organisation in Kathmandu for 3 years. She is now in mainstream school in Grade 6. Shova has to go to the school several times throughout the day to assist with toileting and feeding as the school does not support Subekhsya with those activities. This has meant that Shova has had to give up her own work as a teacher and for the last few years, her husband has provided the sole income for the family working as a courier.


When our Care for Carers project started in 2016, Shova and her family were one of the first to be involved. Subekhsya’s older brother joined a sibling carers group. He and other family members now help Shova with caring, moving away from the traditional idea that caring should be the sole responsibility of the mother.


Shova is an incredibly active community member, setting an example that women are not only made to live their life behind four walls. She is Secretary of her local carers group, Vice-Chair of her cluster-level Carers Coordination Committee and a member of her district-level Carers Association.


Besides her roles in the carer groups, she is also Treasurer of the Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA), Treasurer of the Boccia Association, and a board member of the Nepal Paralympic Committee. She is also the founder and Board Member of Shrijansil Disability Special School in Kathmandu.


“I want to see my carer friends not confined to the four walls of the house but able to explore outside, to become  warriors not worriers.”


Shova has taken action to support persons with disabilities and their carers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with local NGOs, she has been busy distributing emergency relief support to more than 240 individuals and will soon be assisting with providing hygiene kits to female children with disabilities.

Shova has shown that she cares not only for her daughter but for the whole community of persons with disabilities and their carers.


If you would like to find out more about SGCP, our project partner who has supported Shova, then you can visit their website.