#HumansCare | Sushila Malla

For our first Humans Care feature of 2019 we would like to introduce Sushila Malla who lives in Kathmandu with her husband and two daughters. Sushila cares for her eldest daughter, RIya Shrestha, who has Celebral Palsy and requires round the clock support.


For more than two years, Sushila has been a member of Ravibhawan Carers Group, the local carers group promoted by our partner organisation Cerebral Palsy Nepal as part of our Big Lottery Fund supported project. When she first began attending the meetings Sushila was reserved about discussing her role as a carer but she slowly started to open up about her situation as time went on. As a well-educated woman with a Masters degree in Economics, Sushila was frustrated and depressed about having to work in a grocery store alongside her caring duties. Not only was Sushila experiencing mental health challenges but she also complained that her physical health was suffering too. After attending further Carer Group meetings and accessing counselling and medical services, Sushila began to feel more positive about her situation. She has participated in tie-dye training offered through her carers group, which she hopes will open up a creative and home based income earning opportunity outside of the grocery store.


Excitingly, Sushila has been motivated to encourage other carers in her area to join the Ravibhawan Carers Group and the number of members in the group continues to expand. She has also been elected as Chairperson of the carers group and is using this role to inspire other members of the group and help them find suitable solutions to their problems. Throughout her time as Chairperson, Sushila has continued to grow in the role and is spoken of as being a great leader as well as a great carer. She is now actively involved in establishing an area-wide Carers Association which will being together all the local carers groups so they can campaign for carer rights at a district level. Speaking about Sushila, Luni Shakya of Cerebral Palsy Nepal commented:


”Sushila not only tries to move herself forward but has been motivating and encouraging other carers as well. This is a wonderful quality!”




We are proud to work alongside carers such as Sushila who excel in both their caring duties and in supporting the wider caring community.


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