#HumansCare |Thippanna from SACRED CBR

Thippanna is the Founder and Director of SACRED CBR, an organization that caters to the needs of disabled persons and their carers in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India. Thippanna has played an important role in the Carers Movement and is featuring as our latest #HumansCare story. We asked Thippanna to tell us more about his work and this is what he told us:


Tell us about your role and how you support carers?

I have overall responsibility of the implementation and evaluation of SCARED CBR projects. As part of this responsibility, I take a comprehensive approach to ensure the inclusion and dignity of carers within our community development objectives.


Why do you think it important that carers in your region receive the support that they need?

Carers in Andhra Pradesh need support, particularly in the Rayalaseema region. There are limited job opportunities in the region due droughts which impacts harvesting and agriculture opportunities. Carers are behind closed doors and face particular vulnerability in being unable to access income-generating activities. As part of our work we focus on securing the economic wellbeing of carers and their families.


What changes have been made to the lives of the carers you support?

My organization has taken various actions which have improved the lives of carers we support:

  • We have played an integral role in the formation of carers group which have given carers a chance to feel supported by peers.
  • We have made tremendous efforts in establishing networks with health centres and health workers who are able to treat health problems facing carers.
  • We have opened community care centres which offer alternative means of care
  • We have supported numerous livelihood activities which generates economic security for carers and their families

What hopes do you have for the future of the carers who you support?

As an organization we have many hopes for the future of carers. One of our main hopes is that the Trinethra Carers Association, and other pressure groups will play an independent role in advocating for the rights of carers at a district, state and national levels. We also hope to create even more basic services that will support the emotional, physical, social and economic development of carers.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding carers and your work?

We believe that human care is a vital and fundamental role in society. At present, carers receive minimum support and recognition so we will continue to facilitate programs for carers so that their needs are met.


We are in support of Thippanna’s and SACRED CBR’S quest to push for the rights and wellbeing of carers. If you would like to learn more about the work of SACRED CBR you can visit their website here.


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