#HumansCare | Two Lives Transformed

When we first met Kalabati Benya, she was living in an old, thatched house in a tribal village in Odisha, western India. Kalabati cares fulltime for her grandson, Rabi, who has multiple disabilities and is dependent on her for everything. Her caring role took up so much of her time that Kalabati was left with no time to work, socialise, or look after her own physical and mental wellbeing. She received limited financial support from the government, but was facing severe economic hardship and could not afford to take Rabi to hospital for treatment that he needed.


Our local partner EKTA encouraged Kalabati to join her local carers group. In the meetings, the many challenges she was living with were discussed with the group and plans were made to improve her situation. Kalabati learned about available services, facilities and provisions for children like Rabi. She began to realise that she was not alone in the challenges she faced as a carer. She felt motivated by being surrounded by other carers who understood her situation.


A year on, with the help of the project and her carers group, Kalabati and Rabi are now living in a new house, have accessed the financial support available for Rabi so that he can attend hospital regularly to receive medical treatment and are benefiting from the regular income Kalabati is earning from the grocery store she has set up at her home thanks to funding from the project.


With support from the carers group and EKTA staff, we are positive that Kalabati will continue to grow in strength and Rabi will thrive.


“I have more quality time to spend with Rabi now. Our lives have been transformed, thanks to my carers group.” – Kalbati – Carer


This #HumansCare story was taken from our 2019 Impact Report. You can find more stories and statistics about our work by reading the report in full here.


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