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#HumansCare – Roshan’s story

Agalakari Village, Koppal District, India


Roshan lives in Agalakari Village, Koppal District in India with her family. She is 20 years old.  She has a brother who is younger than her who was born with an intellectual disability. Now he’s a teenager, it’s getting harder for the family with him requiring specialist care around the clock.


Although Roshan’s father works as an electrician, it’s hard to make ends meet with only one family income to sustain them all. Providing care is a strain on the family, so the responsibility is shared.  When she’s not making and selling jewellery or clothes, Roshan helps to dress, feed and fill her brothers time meaningfully each day.


“Knowing my brother is safe, healthy and well cared for is important to me.” she told us.


Even though their family has been stigmatised and ostracised in their village, Roshan is committed to helping her parents as her brother’s carer.  However, she still finds it hard to be so isolated from other young women her age, those who don’t have the caring responsibilities that she does.


“Sometimes I am very lonely.  But we cope.” she says.


Last year, Roshan went to Bangalore to train in embroidery and tailoring. Roshan felt it was important to return to the village and worked unpaid to develop her skills, learning from other village women and at the same time supporting the family to care for her brother.


Now she’s fully trained, Roshan has set up a training group for other carers locally so that they can become embroiderers and tailors, earning a living by working from home.  Roshan’s workshops cater for 15 people at a time, teaching the basics in machine and hand stitching, needlework and other tailoring skills.


By connecting with the Carers Worldwide carers group in her village, Roshan assists other carers to secure a loan to buy a machine and other materials to get started and become more financially stable.  Her mother Haseena provides support to her and the newly skilled carers, providing guidance on setting up a small business and managing the responsibilities of caring with home-based employment.


We think that Roshan is a community hero.


Helping the other carers to progress from poverty and be self-sustainable is improving her own sense of wellbeing and happiness. 


What a brave and generous young woman! 

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