#HumansCare | Sharmilla, Baglung district, Nepal  

Many of the carers that need our support are children or young people. Sharmilla is like any other child of her age. She likes to play with her friends, she loves her family and has dreams for the future.


But not everything about Sharmilla’s life is so simple. From a young age Sharmilla has been responsible for caring for her mother. Caring for a loved one at such a young age can be very confusing. It often involves around the clock care including dressing, feeding or bathing a family member. When the caring duties are over, the household chores still need to be done.


This is especially traumatic if the person that they are caring for is a parent. It means that instead of being a child and relying on their mother and father to meet their needs, they are living a life of responsibility.


“Other girls were always able to go to their mothers if they had a problem, but I could not.” says Sharmilla.


Sadly, these child carers miss out on the educational and social experiences many of their peers take for granted. This can cause anxiety, stress and depression in the short term and with limited social and educational skills, the choices available to young carers later in life can be extremely limited.


Carers Worldwide wants to help more young carers regain their childhood. With your support we can alleviate their situation, help them to cope with their caring responsibilities and ensure that they can have the childhood they deserve.


Sharmilla has already benefited from the support of Carers Worldwide alongside our partner LEADS Nepal helping to stabilise her family unit and give her hope for the future.


I feel as if I have my mother back...now I can talk to her and it makes me very happy.  I am also back in school and so pleased to be with my friends again.” she says.


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