Kerala Floods | Message from our Founder

Dear Friends and Supporters of Carers Worldwide,


Kerala is going through one of its biggest natural disasters in its history. The condition in the southern Indian state is critical with extensive relief work underway. Whilst it is difficult to estimate the impact of this unprecedented disaster, what we do know is that many people have been displaced and the relief efforts will need to continue to support them long after the flood waters subside.


In recent months we carried out a consultation with local NGO Pallium India to understand the issues of carers and their needs, with a view to extending our work in to Kerala. Conversations will escalate in coming months as the long-term relief efforts are further understood.


We are calling on our networks to donate directly to Pallium India so that they can attempt to reach the thousands of people facing immediate crisis.


In this hour of need, our thoughts are with everyone affected by the floods in Kerala.


Donate Now to support the people of Kerala (Please add “flood relief fund” to the notes.)


Best wishes,


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