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Leaving No Carers Behind

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development pledges to leave no-one behind. COVID-19 has raised the danger of carers, who are predominantly women, being left behind.


In times of emergency and disaster, the voices of women are often left out of discussions concerning immediate relief and subsequent recovery. As most carers are women, this means that the voices of persons living with long-term illness and disability are also unheard, as carers are often the advocates for those they care for.


The COVID-19 crisis has awakened the world to how important carers are and how much we depend on those who care. It is essential that we make sure the voices of women and carers are heard so that societies can be re-built following the COVID-19 pandemic to be inclusive and supportive of all their members – which includes, carers, women, and persons living with illness and disability.


Both now and going forward, our work with carers will be needed more than ever. As the virus is yet to reach its peak in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, we are continuing our emergency relief efforts to support carers and their families during the immediate crisis as well as getting prepared to respond with new, well-planned and appropriate programmes once the immediate threat of the virus is under control.


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