Lifting Carers and their Families out of Poverty

93% of carers we work with live below the poverty line prior to the start of our projects. That means that 93% of carers we work with live on less than $1.90 (£1.49) per day.


Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and this year calls for us to act together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty.


The Golari family, from Rupuguda village, Odisha, India is an example of how our projects help to empower carers and their families and lift them out of poverty. Rafani and Siu Golari are the parents of 4 children. Their eldest son, 13-year-old Rama haslearning disabilities and epilepsy. Rama cannot speak and requires help with all daily activities such as washing and getting dressed. 3 years ago, Rama had an epileptic fit and fell on a fire during it. He burnt his hand which is now permanently disfigured. After that injury, Rama’s parents had no other option than to keep him at home so that they could keep him safe. This meant he had to stop attending school.


Before our project began, the family relied on Siu’s earnings and Rama’s 300 rupees per month disability pension. Siu migrated out of Odisha for labouring work to earn a higher income in an attempt to reduce the financial pressures his family faced.


Our partner SPREAD began working with the Golari family in 2017. The project assisted Rama with applying for a disabled persons ID card which entitles him to a higher pension of 700 rupees per month. They also assisted Rama in accessing medical support and he now takes medication to control his epilepsy. Now his epilepsy is under control, the SPREAD team have liaised with the block-level Education Officer to discuss the possibility of an education scholarship for Rama, which will enable his parents to send him back to school.


Finally, the family received support from our project to invest in a livelihood opportunity. They purchased a goat which has since had 3 kids. This goat-rearing enterprise is generating a good income for the family, making them financially secure. Siu has now stopped migrating for work and works from his village, where he collects agricultural products from the forest to sell at the local market.


Since the start of our work, 93% of carers we work with are now earning a living, there is a total of £48,470 held in carers group savings across all our projects, and a staggering £560,000 of new government benefits have been accessed. Going forward, our carers will continue to work in groups to advocate for further support and opportunities that can help bring them and others like them out of poverty.


Our 2019 Impact Report provides a showcase of the actions we have taken to eradicate poverty from the lives of carers and their families. Take a look at this report here.


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