Livelihoods loans offer carers a new start

#HumansCare – Kuldevi’s story


Meet Kuldevi who lives in Baglung district in Nepal. She cares full time for her daughter who has a disability, she also cares for other family members including her brother in law who has epilepsy. It’s a big responsibility and even though she needs to be on hand 24 hours a day to help her family, she must also find a way to secure the money needed to buy essentials like food and medicine for the family.


This has always been a big worry for Kuldevi as she can’t leave her family alone while she goes out to work.  She was left feeling very hopeless and didn’t know what she could do to change the situation she was in.


Recently Kuldevi joined a carers group in her village, established by Carers Worldwide in partnership with LEADS Nepal. Here she met other carers who understood how she was feeling. Kuldevi felt very relieved and for once she didn’t feel so alone in her situation. Soon she was able to apply for a loan to start a small homebased vegetable farming business through the carers network that she had found.


We focus on establishing carers cooperatives for people like Kuldevi, so that they can secure the support to establish new livelihoods that exist alongside their caring responsibilities. With the earnings she made, Kuldevi was able to invest in buffaloes to expand her business. She is now successfully running a small-scale vegetable and dairy business, supporting her family and helping other carers to find the courage to start a new business.


You can support carers like Kuldevi with a donation to help us set up livelihoods programmes and move families out of poverty.

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