New Carers Association Formed in Koraput

At the end of last month, a new district-level Carers Association was formed in Koraput as a result of the hard work from carers and our partners in Odisha: EKTA, SPREAD and WORD. This new development is part of our ongoing RF(I)T-funded project “A Voice for Carers: Achieving recognition and inclusion of family carers of the disabled and mentally ill from Adivasi communities of Odisha”.


The brand-new association is named “Sahid Laxman Nayak Koraput Zilla Jatnakari Mahasangha” after tribal freedom fighter, Laxman Nayak and it brings together 16 block-level federation representatives as its Executive Members.


The Executive Members are currently busy formalising governing rules for the association, and will receive training by early-2020 on how to manage groups which will enable them to sustain and strengthen the association.


This new association is set to be the tool that steers the Carers Movement forward in the final year of the RF(I)T-funded project, and beyond. The group will ensure that carers at the block and village-level are accessing existing rights and opportunities whilst also advocating for further recognition and entitlements.


We wish this new association the best of luck in their new venture and look forward to hearing about the changes they make for the lives of carers in their area.




We will cover news and achievements of the Sahid Laxman Nayak Koraput Zilla Jatnakari Mahasangha Carers Association as their action gets underway. If you would like to stay up-to-date with what’s happening then sign up to our free monthly enews now.


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